Powder Booth Collector

We are now offering our NEW Powder Booth Collector, the JBF PC8000 Filter Cartridge Powder Collector.

  • 10 automatic pulse filters complete with adjustable sequential timer and delay.
  • high efficiency filters that are installed above floor level to eliminate any powder being pushed back into the filters. This design allows filters to last longer, are more efficient which results in longer cartridge life and prevents clogging.
  • Blower is 8200 CFM at 5″ s.p, 15HP
  • Electrical panel is ESA certified prior to it leaving our facility.
  • This panel is approved for use anywhere in North America.

Powder Coating Equipment

JB Finishing Inc offers POWDER COATING EQUIPMENT such as, powder guns, powder booths and filters.

Our experienced technicians can install and train your staff on the use of the equipment.

  • Manual Powder Spray Gun
  • Automatic Reciprocating Console Packages
  • Powder Coating Spray Booths

Filter Cartridge Powder Collector

For more information about the JBF PC8000 Filter Cartridge Powder Collector download this PDF or view the image below.